Honey Dictionary

What is honey? Sugar-rich nectar produced by plants is harvested by honeybees who through an enzymatic process in their gut, convert this nectar into honey which they regurgitate into comb cells. Real honey contains bee pollen.
What is propolis? A dark resinous mixture collected from tree sap and flower resin by bees who use propolis to prevent disease, bacterial growth and parasites, and to seal cracks in the hive.
What is royal jelly?  A creamy white nutrient-rich honeybee secretion, containing B-complex and C vitamins, and a broad spectrum of amino acids, trace minerals, proteins, sugars, essential fatty acids and enzymes. Food for the queen bee.
What is bee pollen?  Protein-rich granules created by bees from harvested flower pollen and nectar which is mixed with bee-secreted enzymes, this bee bread is eaten by worker bees.

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